Q´ero Paqos/ Shamans on tour in sweden;
Sharing the warmt, power and deep love from the sacred mountains of the Andes!
1- 29 April

Inca Q´ero Shamans In Sweden!

We are honoured to invite you to participate to meet and to work with the Inca Q´ero shamans in Sweden this springr. They are coming to be in service for the people from the west, offering their wisdom through teachings and guidance, through healing and ceremony.

Don Juan Apaza Quispe and his brother Angelino Apaza Quispe are Inca Q´ero shamans i.e Paqos who lives in the distant villages of the Andean mountains in Peru. They are now coming to Sweden with Carina Davalos Concha who is their translator, organiser and fellow companion. She is also born in the Peruvian mountains practising the path of the shamans as a paqo of the Inca shamanic energy medicine.
Together with Victor Forselius they are traveling through Sweden from the south to the north to help, share and offer healings and wisdom. We welcome all of you to participate in the ancient tradition of the Inca culture and the path of dreams.
Victor is a practising Paqo who has been walking the Inca Shamanic Tradition for more then 9 years. He is working in direct contact with the Q´ero Shamans and indigenous people of the Andes, guiding people into a spiritual path of the heart.
Come and be touched by the warmth and feel the power of the Andes. Receive powerful cleansings and seeds of light connected to your becoming. Participate in ceremony and rewrite your destiny in communion with these two powerful shamans as they share a 10.000-year-old tradition and wisdom from their Inca ancestors.

3 days Workshop with the Q´ero Shamans:

Throughout the workshop the Q´ero shamans will be your teachers, guiding you through a life-transforming journey of opening your hearts, diving deep into the Andean path of shamanism. 3 days of humbleness and a profound spiritual experience of the Inca Shamanic tradition working directly with the source.

”Learn how to heal yourself with great power with the face towards the future. Bring the gifts of your soul into reality.”

During the workshops we will work with ancient tools connected to the shamans myths and legends. Connect with a lineage of ancestors outside of time and start to build your medicine bundle called the Mesa. Learn how to work with the three levels of the universe, connecting with the 3 main worlds around us. Heal the wounds of the past and the unconscious; connect with the gifts of your becoming and manifest a conscious journey in your present life. Manifest a great transition in your physical, emotional and spiritual being and reconnect with the world of living energy.

1st day:
* Learn one of the Q´ero shamans most important and ancient ceremonies to manifest harmony and balance in connection to the universe. Step outside of time meeting the ancestors around the fire through fire ceremony. Receive the power of the water spirit through sacred work and an ancient initiation transmitted to you by the shamans. The shamans will share their way of perceiving love and how the deepest vibrations of the heart influence their whole community and tradition. Be guided in the art of Sacred playfulness that builds the warmth of the Andean heart. Learn how feeding the soul with joy influences your mind, body and soul and creates health in all levels of your being.
• Presentation • Despacho ceremony • Importance of a Despacho • Ingredients in a Despacho & the importance of these •Burning the Despacho • Initiation of the water spirit • Munanakuy: The understand of love & duality in their society • Puqllay: Create health from Sacred playfulness

2d day:
* Learn how to work with sacred tools of healing creating your own altar, initiated by the Q´ero paqos through ceremony. Understand the world of living energy and a living universe. Bring and work with 11 stones that speaks to you in a way. Be guided in how to work through journeying to activate universal energies of light and how to create a powerful illumination and blessing through them.
• How to create a spiritual mesa • Kausay pacha: A universe of living energy • Initiations from teachers • Start building your own mesa • Creating a spiritual connection to the stones
• Journeying with stones

3d day:
* The shaman is a mediator between heaven and earth, bringing harmony and balance between the spiritual and the physical world. This is a day where we nudge destiny by shifting the river of time sourcing from the past. The Q´ero shamans will read your pulse and tell you about the growth of your soul’s journey. Learn how to become a sacred witness and to hold an impeccable space for others through conscious healing. Learn how to work with sacred medicine stones through a powerful and ancient healing technique, as well as the art of Soul Retrieval: to bring back the light of soul.
• Pulse reading & Coaching • Mosoq Kausay: Closure of the past & receive new life • Healing • Becoming a sacred whitness • Soul retrieval & meditation • Reading the signs of destiny

We wish you a warm welcome!
Tukuy Sonqoymanta, ”From all of our hearts”
The Paqo’s, Karina Davalos Concha and Victor Forselius.

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